Final Fantasy XI mobile remake gets its first real screenshots

Only a few days ago, we shared the news that a user had created a mod that drastically improved the visuals for Final Fantasy XI to take the 16-year old game and bring it into a more modern era in terms of visuals. Well, it looks like we may not have to wait too long for something far more substantial.

Thanks to a career posting from Nexon looking for a character modeler for the Final Fantasy XI mobile remake in development by the Korean-based publisher and developer, we now have several screenshots to look at about the game as it currently stands.


Check out all of the screenshots below:

Final Fantasy XI Remake Screenshots

So far, all we really know about the mobile game is that it is using Unreal Engine 4, it will contain all of the content up until Chains of Promathia (maybe beyond), and it's been in development for a few years. That means we should hopefully be seeing some actual gameplay footage soon enough, with a release to follow in the next couple years. As mentioned in our initial post for this, the application will be released worldwide.