Here's a bunch of new Kingdom Hearts III screenshots

Square Enix has just got done letting press get the world's first-ever hands-on with Kingdom Hearts III, and along with those new previews and impressions of the hotly-anticipated new entry in their Disney mash-up there's been a slew of new screenshots released.

Some of the shots are for the PS4 version and some for the Xbox One version of the game. At the hands-on event both formats were playable, and based on impressions out in the media both looked and ran pretty nicely.

The screenshots focus on two worlds featured in KH3: Olympus from Hercules, and the Toybox from Toy Story. They also feature a glimpse at some of the new keyblade transformations, such as how the Monsters Inc keyblade can turn into a hammer and then a pair of yo-yos that can be used to drag yourself to enemies before whipping them up into a lengthy combo. The screenshots also introduce a new summon, Ralph from the Disney CG movie Wreck it Ralph.

See the screenshots for yourself below. Kingdom Hearts 3 doesn't have a release date just yet, but as part of these preview events series boss Tetsyua Nomura suggested we can expect to hear one soon - and E3 is just around the corner. We'll bring you more impressions and news then, so stay tuned to RPG Site for all that.

Kingdom Hearts 3 Screenshots
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