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Capcom suddenly adds Lunastra to Monster Hunter: World on May 30

Capcom has just made a sudden announcement that Monster Hunter: World is getting its third major title update patch, today on May 30 at 5 pm PDT. This update adds even more endgame content including a returning female Elder Dragon, an even more powerful version of Tempered Elder Dragons, and also some QOL improvements.

You can read the details of this new title update, which have also come from the Japanese live stream, right after the jump.


The main spotlight of the third major title update for Monster Hunter: World goes to the Empress of Flame, Lunastra. This female companion of Teostra has finally come to join him in the New World. Hunters will need to watch out when fighting Lunastra because she is even more aggressive than Teostra when fought alone. And when Teostra and Lunastra show up in the same area, they can even team up together to launch a largely devastating attack.

Fighting Lunastra

Of course, any new monster additions in Monster Hunter: World also come with new armors and weapons to forge. Carve Lunastra's materials and use them at the Smithy to create new equipment based on her strengths. Capcom has also teased that materials from Bazelgeuse, Nergigante, and Xeno'jiiva may also be used in her equipment recipes.

Clearing Lunastra's story quest will also reward a new specialized tool called Temporal Mantle, which temporarily nullifies powerful attacks by automatically doing evasive maneuvers.

Lunastra Armor & Weapon Sets

Improvements & Bug Fixes

This new title update patch will come with a number of QOL improvements on the gameplay system.

  • You will now also discover investigations for tempered monsters when hunting a tempered monster or breaking its parts.
  • You can now change armor pigments and layered armor at all item boxes found within Astera (except the Training Area) or the Research Base.
  • The camera will not be forcibly moved by Scoutfly guidance when arriving at camp at the start of a quest.
  • The trophy conditions for "Monster Ph.D." were updated to no longer include monsters added in free title updates. With this design change, you can now unlock the trophy by speaking to Ecological Research if you've already maxed out the research levels for the original lineup of monsters.

There are also bug fixes in this update; some of them are related to the recently added Elder Dragon Kulve Taroth.

  • Fixed a bug where a player (Long Sword user) would get an infinite buff under certain criteria upon a successful Foresight Slash.
  • Fixed a phenomenon where specific controls would allow you to link the Charge Blade's Super Amped Element Discharge into an Amped Element Discharge. This was unintended and after considering how it affects the game's balance, it has been removed.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed the player (Heavy Bowgun user) to face in a direction other than the reticle just before Wyvernheart is fired.
  • Fixed a bug where Kulve Taroth's broken horn cutscene was interrupted and the siege could not be completed when Kulve Taroth's horns took separate damage right at the time they were completely broken off.
  • Fixed a bug where Kulve Taroth would go into an attack phase in area 1 and would not move to the next area, resulting in the siege becoming impossible to complete.

Arch-Tempered Monsters & Gamma Series Armor

Lunastra's appearance has also caused some Elder Dragons to grow even more powerful. There will be new event quests that feature the extremely dangerous Arch-Tempered Elder Dragons. However, beating them will reward you exclusive materials that let you forge new Gamma series armors that have higher defense stat and more skill slots than even both Alpha and Beta armors.

Below is the currently known schedule for Arch-Tempered Elder Dragon event quests:

  • Arch-Tempered Kirin's event quest: A Whisper of White Mane - Available from June 8 to 21
  • Arch-Tempered Vaal Hazak's event quest: The Deathly Quiet Curtain - Available from June 22 to July 5

Capcom also teased that more Arch-Tempered elder dragons will appear in the future. Finally, they also promised that there will be more event quests featuring new layered armors coming soon.

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