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New Gundam Breaker - Features trailer and 'How to build a Gunpla' footage

Bandai Namco has released a new trailer and information for New Gundam Breaker, detailing how the game lets players build their own Gunpla suits. This is a truncated look at similar information released earlier this month.

Additionally, Bandai Namco Southeast Asia released an English subtitled version of the game's long third trailer, which touches on combat, mission mode, building Gunpla, characters and more.

Find an overview of the Gunpla build mechanics below, via Bandai Namco, alongside some screenshots. New Gundam Breaker is set to release worldwide for PlayStation 4 and PC on June 22 - the first game in the series to receive an official release in the west.

NEW GUNDAM BREAKER lets you design your own Mobile Suit Gunpla. You can customise the appearance to create your own model based on your favourite Mechs! Each part will have its own associated stats, competences, buffs or gameplay features. A Gunpla with an axe will have a different combo from one with a double saber. This will allow players to personalise their Gunpla’s gameplay!

Builder parts will add even more depth to the creation process. Once the builder parts selection is done, players will be able to adjust the location, placement size and more. Players can attach up to 8 builders parts to their mech to achieve their dream Gunpla! Once you’re done building and painting the Gunpla, you can take photos in the Gallery mode. You can choose from 64 preset poses and over 20 background images to create your own ideal photoshoot and share your creation to the world.

For their base Gunpla, players can choose from 100 mobile suits from previous games and 11 exclusives new models. More mobile suits will come through regular updates making NEW GUNDAM BREAKER feature the most models. BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Europe also can announce all future DLCs will be free!

New Gundam Breaker Screenshots and Artwork

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