Final Fantasy XV gets a new recipe, mod support, and Comrades cosmetics next week

Some of the future plans for Final Fantasy XV's continuing content were originally given a couple of months ago, but we finally have some firmer details about these today, thanks to the game's Japanese Twitter account. In four parts, the account gave some light details about both a free patch to the game landing next week, as well as new content further down the road. 


First on June 5, there will be a free "Party Pack" update for comrades, which will give the cosmetic items "Birthday Glasses" as well as masks for the four main characters for your custom Comrades avatar. We don't know why you'd wear these when you can dress as either Aranea or Kenny the Crow, but it's there as an option now.


Secondly, on June 6, the Windows Store version of Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition will launch. While specific details are light at the moment, the game's main website will be updated at a later date. The game originally launched on mobile devices in February. 


Lastly, on June 7, the Windows Edition of the game will see the promised Mod Tools. Using the mod organizer, players can change character & weapon looks and also tweak weapon stats. There will be a catalog of provided models, and player-made modes can be shared via the Steam Community. Both the PC and Console versions of the game will also see a patch that fixes trivial bugs, the ability to skip cutscenes in Chapter 3, and finally, a new recipe.

We're personally eager to seem some of the aforementioned updates to the Comrades mode, but the summer's just getting started, and there's also a small Ignis-related tease coming in the free updates, so we'll update this post if official channels reveal anything in the coming days. 

Update: The June 7 patch will also give a new outfit for those that have completed Episode Ignis, a version from the DLC where his hair is down.