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Go Where No Man Has Gone Before with Star Control: Origins

Star Control: Origins is a new indie RPG from Stardock Entertainment and it's made its debut at E3! You are the Captain of Earth's very Interstellar ship... which would be awesome news if an alien race wasn't trying to wipe out humanity. Star Control: Origins doesn't take itself completely serious, but it does have some serious content.

Check out the E3 trailer below for Star Control below for the first look at this space faring RPG:

The Steam page also has a bit more information on the game (where you can also preorder and get access to the game's beta), in helpful bullet point form:

  • Interact with aliens, both malicious and absurd.
  • Explore a living universe that frankly can't believe you're flying around in that...thing.
  • Travel across exotic and amazing worlds searching for relics, Precursor artifacts, and treasures.
  • Navigate through thousands of planets in a universe that has a deep history spanning back hundreds of thousands of years.
  • Design your own ships or download them from Steam to build fleets and take them into combat in fleet battles!
  • Create or download other universes with their own history, stars, planets, aliens, ships and adventures.

Star Control is shaping up to be community driven, but will still keep the story at its heart as you explore new universes.

Finally, check out the first set of screenshots:

Star Control: Origins Screenshots

Star Control: Citizen is releasing September 20, 2018 on Steam.

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