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New Gundam Breaker beta demo will be available from June 13 in Japan

Bandai Namco has announced through a Japanese press release that New Gundam Breaker will have a beta demo that will be available to download for free in the Japanese PlayStation Store from June 13 to June 20; a week before the full game gets released. This beta will let players check out the beginning parts of the Single-player mode and also the multiplayer Gunpla-snatching battles.

Bandai Namco has also listed some fine print regarding this beta demo, which you can read right below:

  • Some of the content in the beta version will differ from the retail version.
  • You cannot carry over the play data from the beta to the retail version.
  • The beta version can be played even without subscribing to PlayStation Plus.
  • Players under 11 years old cannot play the beta version.
  • The beta version may have unexpected behaviors or issues, but we will not provide support to them.
  • The beta version may have changes in parameters and systems without prior notice.
  • The beta release may be changed or ended without prior notice.
  • In order to play the beta version, you will require the console to be connected in an internet environment. A Sony Entertainment Network account is also required.
  • The beta version will be playable with the PS4 wireless controller (DualShock 4).


New Gundam Breaker will be released for PlayStation 4 first in Japan on June 21, and the rest of the world on June 22. The PC Steam release has been delayed and thus will be out later this Summer.

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