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Latest Code Vein information shows how Io can accompany you as a Buddy

Bandai Namco has released more new information on Code Vein, the brand-new game coming from the developers of God Eater series. This batch confirms that in addition to Mia, Louis, Yakumo, Jack, and Eva, Io is also available to be chosen to accompany the player as a Buddy character.

Io is an all-rounder who fights with a Halberd and uses Gifts a lot. In addition to offensive Gifts, she will also support the player with recovery Gifts such as improving HP recovery rates and healing status ailments. On the other side, she has a mediocre attack power, so the player should follow up on the offense. Io wears the Ivy Blood Veil, which is shaped like a muffler that can go underground to stab enemies from below.

Here are some examples of Gifts that are used by Io:

  • Regenerator: Increases the HP recovery rates by improving the self-regenerating abilities of the user and their Buddy.
  • Panacea Essence: Heals all status ailments of the user and their Buddy.
  • Divine Protection of Affection: Sacrifices a lot of user's HP to greatly heal their Buddy's HP.
  • Lightning Thorn: Creates lightning that runs amok and aims it towards the target.

Co-op Gift with Io (available when she is your buddy): 

  • Wedge of Determination: Temporarily sacrifices bloodsucking abilities to make yourselves harder to flinch from enemy attacks. This is extremely useful for situations such as being surrounded by enemies or using heavy weapons that have high damage but slow motions.

Code Vein - Io screenshots

This batch also introduces a new field type called the Depths, unexplored lands that spread out deep within each area. Although the entrances to them have been found thanks to Cerberus, the paths are being blocked off by miasma. It is said that resources are lying there, lost in the middle of overflowing unknown dangers.

An example of this field type is the Depths of Death, a deep-leveled region that spreads out deep within the Ruined City. While it still leaves the vestige of a city, it is being shrouded in mist which gives an eerie atmosphere.

Code Vein - Depths of Death

Finally, there are also some screenshots that show the multiplayer aspect of Code Vein. The player can launch an SOS signal which is used to invite another player. A three-person party can then be formed with the player, their buddy, and the other player.

Code Vein multiplayer screenshots

Bandai Namco's Code Vein is going to be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in Japan on September 27 and in the West on September 28.


Bandai Namco has also posted a new video clip showcasing a new boss fight:

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