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New Etrian Odyssey X trailer reintroduces classes from Etrian Odyssey III

Atlus has posted a new trailer for Etrian Odyssey X, featuring classes which originally debuted in Etrian Odyssey III -  Prince/Princess (also known as Sovereign), Shogun,  Zodiac, Shinobi (called Ninja in the west) and Farmer. Etrian Odyssey X is a 'festival' type game celebrating features, characters, and classes found throughout the series.

It slipped by us during our preparations for E3, but a second trailer featuring classes from Etrian Odyssey II was also posted recently, which you can find below. This trailer includes the Gunner, Doctor Magus (War Magus in the west), and Highlander (EOII Untold) classes.

Etrian Odyssey X releases on August 2 in Japan for 3DS. You can find the first class trailer featuring the original Etrian Odyssey units here.

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