Virtual Console Pricing Revealed

Right, the pricing on the games for the so called Virtual Console have been released, and it's fair to say the following statement applies - Value for money.

15 titles will be available from the word go for the Europeans, including a further 5-10 more available for download each month. The prices have been set up to co-ordinate with the platform the game you're buying is on, so without further ado, the prices.

NES - 500 "Wii Points", which equates to 3.50/5 Euros

SNES - 800 "Wii Points", or
5.60/8 Euros

N64 - 1,000 "Wii Points", or
7/10 Euros.

Points will be available at all good games retailers for the mere sum of €14/20 Euros for 2,000 Wii Points, making this system incredibly cheap.

Oh, and they've also said that the Wii will be backwards compatible with around 530 titles from the launch. Stay with RPGSite for the latest as it happens.

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