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Here are Bandai Namco's plans to update New Gundam Breaker in the first few months after release

Almost a week has passed since the PlayStation 4 release of New Gundam Breaker is out worldwide. However, the game has been criticized by many due to its departure from the gameplay systems of past games as well as performance issues.

Bandai Namco has updated the Japanese official website for New Gundam Breaker with more details on their plans to update the game in the coming months. You can check the schedule right below. Note that these plans may be subject to change.

From June 21, 2018

  • Release additional new Gunpla periodically through event missions

In July 2018

  • Improve button input responses and stability for motions during battles
  • Adjust camera and lock-on behaviors
  • Adjust behaviors of the Third Force, as well as removal of parts due to damage received from the Third Force
  • Modify Multiplayer mode so that players can obtain parts gathered by their team
  • Add quote variations to Radio Chat
  • Adjust each parameter stats

In August 2018

  • Adjust the sorting feature in Assemble menu
  • Release new battle stage
  • Plan to add the following variations to Multiplayer mode:
    -Create a room where 6 players gather and do a 3-vs-3 PvP battle
    -3 players battle against the CPU


New Gundam Breaker has been released worldwide for PlayStation 4. The PC Steam version, which was initially planned to be released on June 22, has been delayed to a later date this Summer. You can also read our review for the PlayStation 4 version of this game.

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