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Get to know Code Vein's Yakumo Shinonome with a new character trailer dedicated for him

Not long after uploading a trailer for Mia Karnstein, Bandai Namco continues their promotion of Code Vein by publishing another character trailer. This time, it is dedicated to Yakumo Shinonome, who is being voiced in Japanese by Kosuke Toriumi.



Yakumo is an attacker-type Buddy who actively gets close to enemies, wielding the Two-Handed Sword as his melee weapon. The Blood Veil equipped by him is Hounds, where his jacket transforms to a pair of hound heads when used. He has more health when compared to other Buddies, so he can endure more powerful attacks. He can also support the player by using Gifts that enhance offensive and defensive abilities.

When having Yakumo as the Buddy, the player can opt to attack enemies from far away as Yakumo prefers close-range combat. You can fight more efficiently by following up on Yakumo's pause due to the heavy attacks from his giant sword.

Examples of Gifts that can be used by Yakumo:

  • Blood-Eating Sword: A condensation of Ichor to its limit creates a barrier around the user and the Buddy that will greatly reduce damage just once.
  • Flash Fang: Raises the attack power of a single attack made after using the Gift.

Co-op Gift with Yakumo (available when he is your buddy):

  • Lupinus Life: Temporarily sacrifices evasion speed to reduce stamina consumption when guarding and increase the damage of a single attack made after guarding. It will also improve your guarding ability so that you won't be flinched by attacks and can maintain an offensive posture.

Code Vein - Yakumo Shinonome screenshots

Code Vein will be released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC via Steam in Japan on September 27 and in the West on September 28.

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