More New Pokemon Black and White Screenshots

Nintendo of Japan have released another new collection of screenshots of the upcoming Pokemon Black and White, which is set to hit the Nintendo DS in Japan in September.

The screenshots show off everything from combat to viewing information about Pokemon in the menus right up to the new season system, which will mean the game world will have different seasons which will change the world and the Pokemon in it.

Certain Pokemon in Black and White will morph and change colour and appearance depending on the season. Another feature shown is the musical, where Pokemon will get up on stage in contests and perform music.

The screens also show off Rotation battles - where three pokemon can rotate in and out of battle quickly without taking up a turn - and the Pokeshifter, which will bring friends over from Diamond, Pearl, Platinum or HeartGold and SoulSilver once you've finished Black and White. Check out all the shots below.

Pokemon Black and White Screenshots
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