Persona Q 2: New Cinema Labyrinth first full trailer, website now open

Following a teaser last week, Atlus has posted the first full trailer for Persona Q 2: New Cinema Labyrinth and has opened the official website for the game.

The website indicates there will be 28 total Persona users in the game from Persona 3, Persona 4, and Persona 5, including the Persona 3 Portable female MC. To note, the first Persona Q had 19 total battle characters, including the Rei/Zen pair.

Within Mementos, Morgana suddenly loses control, and the Phantom Thieves find themselves within a mysterious town where they soon meet a new duo at a theater - the black-haired Nagi and white-haired Hikari. Much like the first Persona Q, the game features an Etrian Odyssey style of gameplay and dungeon mapping, and the Labyrinths in the game are worlds inside various movies at the theater.

Find the trailer and some screenshots and artwork below in the gallery. Persona Q 2: New Cinema Labyrinth is set to release on November 29 in Japan for Nintendo 3DS. First print purchases of the game include a bonus Battle BGM set DLC with 9 new tracks.

 Persona Q 2: New Cinema Labyrinth
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