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Here's a closer look at the Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Collector's Edition

Square Enix announced that they'd be putting out a special edition of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep back in July, but they never did show off what you'd get inside in a visual form. Tucked away in Square Enix's GamesCom media assets was this gem - a full image showing the Collector's Edition busted open for all to see.

As the picture shows, the CE includes a 48 page, hardbound full-colour art book, two Kingdom Hearts print cards, and a snazzy Collector's Edition box that'll let everyone who looks at your game shelf or sees you buying it at the store know you're a serious KH fan - or something like that. Sorry US fans, but this CE is currently only for Europe. 

Check out the image below, and be sure to check out all our Birth By Sleep artwork over in the Media Vault!

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