The English version of Vestaria Saga is set for release on Steam in 2019

DANGEN Entertainment has announced that they are going to publish the English version of Vestaria Saga. This is a strategy RPG developed by Vestaria Project, and one of the members involved here is none other than Shouzou Kaga, the creator of the Fire Emblem series.

While the original Japanese release of Vestaria Saga was out for free in September 2016, the script is being professionally translated for the English localization. This game is a classic SRPG with grid-based maps where provision and positioning of the player's units will greatly determine whether they can survive the enemy onslaught.

DANGEN has uploaded the official trailer and screenshots for the English version of Vestaria Saga, which you can check below along with the game's fact sheet.


Vestaria Saga tells the story of international conflict between a powerful empire, and a small coastal kingdom. When an imperial ship is set ablaze near the port of Meleda, it sparks a cascade of events that thrusts young warrior Zadrian into a war for the soul and future of his kingdom. On the run from a vicious imperial force and short on allies, Zade and his small band of knights must make difficult decisions to ensure that Meleda's princess, and the very future of its lineage, remain intact.

However, not everything is as it seems, and forces in the dark corners of the continent conspire. The stage is set, and the pieces have begun to move.


Vestaria Saga is a classically styled Strategy RPG, where positioning, movement, and even weaponry, are paramount to success. Move your heavily armed units around a classic styled grid-based map and engage pirates, rebels, monsters, imperial soldiers, and anyone else that stands in your way.


  • An enthralling campaign of espionage, international intrigue, and war written by veterans of the genre.
  • Classically Styled Strategy RPG gameplay on a grid-based map.
  • Two finely tuned difficulty modes to accommodate both strategy veterans and newcomers.
  • A full English script translated from the original Japanese by the best in the business.
  • Full support for both USB controllers and keyboard & mouse.
Vestaria Saga Screenshots

The English release of Vestaria Saga will be available on PC via Steam in 2019.