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Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep GamesCom Trailer

Following on from yesterday's 72 new screenshots, we can now bring you over seven minutes of combat, cutscenes and multiplayer footage in the official GamesCom trailer for Disney and Square Enix's latest Kingdom Hearts title. 

The trailer features a good chunk of everything Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is about. The spin off will again feature Disney and Square Enix characters in a mash-up world, and takes place before even the original Kingdom Hearts.

This trailer includes some new Square Enix faces to the Kingdom Hearts world, including a young version of Zack Fair, Cloud's dead mentor from FF7 and the lead character of Crisis Core. Like Crisis Core, Birth By Sleep is exclusive to PSP. It's arriving in the West next month.

Check out the trailer below, and be sure to check out all the other Screenshots, Trailers and Artwork for Birth By Sleep in the Media Vault!

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