Wii have no DVD Playback.

After releasing the final specifications of the Nintendo Wii earlier this week, the lack of a DVD playback option was apparent. Many people questioned this, but Nintendo have reassured us that this is deliberate, and not an early sign of the Wii having certain format problems. Originally, the plan was to have an external DVD drive add-on which was bought seperately. However, one Nintendo spokesman said earlier this week, "Because the price of DVD players has dropped so much and they have become so commonplace, Nintendo saw no need to create extra hardware options that would drive up the cost for consumers."

Not many consumers are worried about this though - Nintendo's reasoning is very logical, considering you can pick up a DVD player for around $20 these days. And that's before you think about your PC as a DVD player, or your other consoles.

Stick wiith us for the latest news on the Wii in the run up to launch day. Sorry, these puns are just too tempting.

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