Troubled MMORPG WildStar shuts down as Carbine Studios closes its doors

News came today that WildStar, a sci-fi western-style MMORPG that seemed promising at first but quickly experienced a series of setbacks since its launch, will finally be winding down its operation.

Along with this is the announcement from Carbine Studios that they will be closing their doors as well, with WildStar being their only output as a company since their founding back in 2005. The group was made up of nearly two dozen former members of the World of Warcraft development team along with key staff that worked on other titles including City of Heroes, EverQuest, Diablo II, and many others.

While WildStar seemed promising at first when it was announced back during Gamescom 2011, it didn't take long for everything to change. After first going free-to-play in 2014, the team went through a series of reorganizations in 2016 care of parent company NCSoft, nearly half the staff were laid off as all the studio's attention turned towards maintaining WildStar. Last year, there was talk about a possible new title from the studio, but that was clearly laid to rest with today's news.

No word on whether NCSoft will consider allowing private servers.

News via Kotaku.

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