Cygames reveals Project Awakening for PlayStation 4

Sony held PlayStation Lineup Tour today in Japan, which showcases tons of new games that will be available on the PlayStation platform in the near future. Cygames kicked off the show by showing off Project Awakening, a brand-new game IP for consoles that they have been working at.

While Cygames is also currently known cooperating with PlatinumGames to bring one of the former's flagship titles Granblue Fantasy to PlayStation 4 as Granblue Fantasy Project Re: Link, Project Awakening is a brand-new action RPG which, so far, features a warrior clad in medieval armor battling against large monsters.

You can check out the official trailer and screenshots for Project Awakening, which have been published by Cygames, right below.

Project Awakening screenshots

Cygames' Project Awakening will be released for PlayStation 4 worldwide. A release timeframe has not been announced yet as of this writing.

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