Too Kyo Games is a new studio led by the makers of DanganRonpa and Zero Escape

Earlier this week, word spread that a new development studio has been formed by a team of well-known game developers from Japan. We have finally learned overnight that the company is called Too Kyo Games, which is being led by Kazutaka Kodaka, the creator of the DanganRonpa series, and Kotaro Uchikoshi, the creator of the Zero Escape series.

The rest of the core team includes Masafumi Takada (DanganRonpa series composer), Rui Komatsuzaki and Shimadoriru (DanganRonpa series character designers), Takumi Nakazawa (Root Double and Ever17 scenario writer), and Youichirou Koizumi (Ultra Despair Hagakure author).

As outlined by Famitsu who first broke the news about the formation of the studio, the studio is looking to break out from the norms of the industry and establish themselves as an independent group making the games that they want to create with far more freedom than before.


Among the four projects they have in the works, the first is a brand new IP which will be designed and written by both Kodaka and Uchikoshi. There are no details regarding the game at this time, but one would expect it to be some form of a visual novel or adventure game.


The next project is an action-adventure title with Uchikoshi serving as the scenario writer and Takumi Nakazawa as the director, while Take (Katanagatari) did the concept art. Much like DanganRonpa, this will involve several school-aged children involved in a game to the death.


After that is a collaboration between the makers of the DanganRonpa series with Spike Chunsoft, the publisher of the original series. This dark fantasy/mystery game has been in development since before Kazutaka Kodaka left Spike Chunsoft. Rui Komatsuzaki will handle character designs, Shimadoriru will illustrate the backgrounds, and Masafumi Takada will be in charge of sound design.


An anime is also in the works with Studio Pierrot handling the animation, Kodaka writing the scenario, and Komatsuzaki once again designing the cast of characters. The anime will be designed around popular action films of the 1990s such as The Professional and Pulp Fiction where everyone plays the role of a bad guy.

For more information regarding each of the projects, be sure to check out the official website. We will be sure to update you on the three game-related ventures as news is shared.