Let It Die launches for PC on September 26

Moments ago, publisher GungHo Online Entertainment America launched the Steam page for Let It Die, the survival RPG from developer Grasshopper Manufacture that was previously released as an exclusive on the PlayStation 4 back in 2016. The new listing confirms the free-to-play game will release for the platform on September 26.

Let It Die remains one of those games with a really cool design aesthetic that plays a lot better than you'd expect it to be (which sort of describes Grasshopper's entire software library, if we're being honest).

Here's a rundown as posted on the aforementioned Steam page:

In the year 2026 AD, a large tectonic disturbance caused mass destruction around the world.

In the midst of the destruction, South Western Tokyo split off into the ocean where the seismic activity caused a large spire to rise out of the ocean piercing the island creating a tower-like structure deemed holy by some.

Under the watchful eye of Uncle Death, madness has spread across the world...

Senpai! I was waiting for you!

My name is Uncle Death, and I have a feeling we’re going to get along just fine...

Your task is simple, get to the top of the tower.

Let’s reach for the top, Senpai!

Fight your way to the top in this chaotic and pulp survival action taking free-to-play to a whole new level. Begin your journey in your underwear and survive by any means necessary while taking advice from Uncle Death, a skateboarding reaper.

Rumor has it that a sacred treasure awaits at the top of the Tower of Barbs for those that survive the climb. Many dangers and mysteries remain hidden from the eyes of mankind and await those courageous enough to dare approach the tower.

Collect and Develop Unique Equipment

Players fight through a treacherous tower obtaining various types of weapons and armor while finding creatures and mushrooms to eat in order to stay alive.

Pry weapons and armor from the cold dead grasp of your fallen foes or craft even better gear. Eat mushrooms, frogs, and other odd creatures to keep your strength up or activate special abilities. Strategize when it's best to fight or sneak away to fight another day. 

You may lose your belongings upon death, but death doesn't always have to be the end...

Hyper-Violent Rage Moves & Goretastic Kills

When hacking and slashing your foes just isn't enough, you can use ultra violent Rage Moves or Goretastics to finish them off with style!

Asynchronous PvP

  • Haters: Upon death, a player’s “death data” is circulated among other player’s games where they will appear as formidable opponents called Haters.

  • Hunters: Need some loot but don't have the time to go exploring the tower yourself? Send one of your Fighters to an unsuspecting enemy, and they will invade their world as a Hunter. These potentially lethal foes can gather up items and resources from an enemy's tower for a set period of time. If they are killed before that, they get sent home crying to their master.


Tetsuo brings the Tokyo Death Metro to a platform near you! Join a team, attack your opponents and raid their stash, but keep in mind they can return the favor! 

You can also enjoy bonus rewards during the Tokyo Death Metro Battle Rush Season. We hope to see you enjoying Tokyo Death Metro's Luxury Attack Liner!

  • Train your body

  • Develop Equipment

  • Eat everything that can be eaten

  • If you’re stolen from, steal it back

...and, if you’re killed, kill them back!

All-Star Voice Cast

  • Jukka Hilden

  • Daveigh Chase

  • Verne Troyer

  • Traci Lords

  • Mark Hamill

...and MORE!

VIP Service

A VIP elevator service will be available for maximum convenience while slaughtering your foes. Direct Hell also insures your resources if your base is raided in the Tokyo Death Metro. Sign up today for total coverage!

Support for Multiple Languages (Including Simplified Chinese)

English and Japanese audio and text options are both available. The game also supports text for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Korean, Brazilian Portuguese, and Simplified Chinese.

Check out a handful of screenshots from Let It Die below:

Let It Die Screenshots