tri-Ace will reveal their next game during Tokyo Game Show 2018

It looks like we will soon find out what tri-Ace has been working on since the release of Star Ocean 5: Integrity and Faithlessness (aside from some mobile game collaborations) as Dengeki Online's schedule for next week's Tokyo Game Show 2018 has revealed that the developer will announce the next project they are working on during a stage show on September 20:

tri-Ace New Information!

  • Broadcast Time: September 20, 12:00PM JST

  • Developer: tri-Ace

  • Cast: Shingo Mukaitouge (tri-Ace), Takayuki Suguro (GRDrive), Oshou (Dengeki PlayStation), Tadatsugu (writer)

Back in May, Star Ocean series producer Shuichi Kobayashi asked fans to "Please wait a little longer" for them to share the next entry in the long-running Star Ocean series, Star Ocean 6. It's difficult to say whether that will be the actual announcement. Considering how he essentially expressed the challenges they were facing in making that happen, it feels like a long-shot.

Be that as it may, we will be sure to share the news if it turns out to be relevant to the interests of you, our readers!

Thanks for the news, Games Talk.

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