Tactics Ogre PSP has more dialogue than Final Fantasy XII

Tactics Ogre Director and Scenario Writer Yasumi Matsuno took to Twitter yesterday to talk about the size of the game across several tweets, telling fans that Tactics Ogre: Let us Cling Together has more text than Final Fantasy XII.

The original Tactics Ogre game, of which this is a remake, had some 300,000 characters throughout to tell its story in Japan. The PSP remake manages to more than double this, with over 700,000 characters used to tell the newly improved and fleshed out story.

That already sounds like a lot, but to underline it, Matsuno indicated that Final Fantasy XII had around 600,000 characters of text, and that game featured a pretty complex story at times. The upgrade from SNES to PSP affords an absolute ton more storage for dialogue and all the other elements of the game, and is the main reason for the massive upgrade.

It's out this November in Japan, and while it's been confirmed for a Western release, we don't know just when it's coming yet. As ever, stick with us for the latest on the game, and give us your thoughts in the comments!