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Fallout 76's beta limits how many items you can stash away, and frustrated players are already hitting the cap

Fallout 76 has had a handful of beta sessions over the course of the last couple weeks, and several players have already put around two dozen hours into the game. It's understandable that many people are logging significant hours into the pre-release gameplay sessions since the progress is likely to carry over into next week's release.

However, one issue that has cropped up for the most diehard of the beta participants is a unique one for Bethesda Game Studios titles -- a limited amount of storage space (or "stash").

It's common in Bethesda's Elder Scrolls and Fallout titles to be able to stash away as much gear as you want in certain safe houses, or in the case of Skyrim, even in official player housing introduced in the Hearthfire add-on. In other titles, fan-determined lists of player housing, such as this one for Fallout: New Vegas, will show all the possible locations to dump any and all of your excess armor, weapons, and items into a single footlocker if so desired. 

However, in Fallout 76's C.A.M.P system, things seem to work a little differently. One of the first things a player is able to build for their moveable campsite is a storage container to drop all of their excess materials, junk, and scrap in. The nice thing about this container is that it can move with the player's campsite, and can also be accessed in other locations in the map, such as the numerous train stations found across the region.

The problem is, the stash limit for this container sits at 400 pounds of inventory. Since nearly everything in the game has some weight including ammo and scrap building materials, its easy to see how this can fill up quickly. While there are ways to mitigate the set limitation, such as making sure heavy power armor components sit on a chassis and not in loose storage, weapons like shotguns and missile launchers weighing 10 to 20 pounds a pop can still make reaching the cap an all too easy accomplishment.

It's not 100% clear if the system will remain as is for the full release, or if stash space can be expanded on in later workshop components, but it has been a source of frustration for players ahead of the November 14 launch date. Bethesda's Pete Hines isn't sure. Reddit threads with titles like "The Storage Limit is Destroying this game" or "the 400-pound stash limit has pretty much ruined the game for me" have been popular and contentious threads for the last week. Some players have been more positive about the mechanic and how it emphasizes and matches well with the other survival aspects of the game, and counter threads ranging from "the stash limit is fine" to "I love the limit, I hope it doesn't change" have also sprung up.

We will update if and when Bethesda comments about this topic ahead of the game's release.

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