Final Fantasy XV: Episode Ardyn launching March 2019, Comrades releasing December 12, other DLC projects canceled

During today's Square Enix live stream for Final Fantasy XV, the publisher made quite a few surprising announcements regarding the future of Final Fantasy XV, including some that might shake up the series at large.

Hajime Tabata leaves Square Enix, 3 out of 4 planned story DLCs canceled

Most notably, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata announced his departure from Square Enix and Luminous Studios. You can read his farewell message here.

Also surprisingly, Square has canceled several of the planned DLC content updates that were scheduled to release next year. Episode Lunafreya, Episode Noctis, and Episode Side Story: Aranea have been altogether scrapped as Square Enix reevaluates their content plans going forward.

Episode Ardyn launches in March 2019, will be preceded by an anime short

That leaves one remaining DLC episode left to release for Final Fantasy XV. Episode Ardyn is now set to launch in March 2019 for all platforms. This episode will be accompanied by a new short-form anime production called Episode Ardyn - PROLOGUE, which will release sometime early next year.

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades update to launch on December 12, 2018

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades will also see an update and standalone release on December 12, 2018. This update will include ten new bosses, new costumes, and new weapons. However, this will only be available stand-alone for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Those who own Comrades on consoles or Final Fantasy XV: Windows Edition will gain access to the new Comrades content automatically, and brand new players can purchase the expansion on PS4 or Xbox One for $9.99.

Final Fantasy XV & Final Fantasy XIV Collaboration

Finally, a long-awaited collaboration has been announced between Final Fantasy XV and Final Fantasy XIV. In Final Fantasy XV, a new quest will be available on December 12, 2018 called 'Adventurer From Another World', where a mysterious Miqo'te arrives from the world of Final Fantasy XIV. After clearing the quest, which involves taking down the primal Garuda, Noctis and company will gain new Final Fantasy XIV inspired outfits.

These new developments undoubtedly raise uncertainty about the Final Fantasy franchise and where it might go from here. While several Final Fantasy remasters and ports are on the horizon for 2019, it's difficult to say when we might see the next iteration of Final Fantasy.

Update: Square Enix has released some screenshots for both the Final Fantasy XIV collaboration and Episode Ardyn.