NCSoft debuts new trailers for Lineage II M, Aion 2, Blade & Soul 2 and Blade & Soul M

More than a handful of new mobile titles by NCSoft were recently announced with trailers accompanying them. Lineage II M, Aion 2, Blade & Soul 2, and Blade & Soul M (not to be confused with Blade & Soul Revolution) were given trailers at this event where brief synopsis were given about each game. Similarly to Lineage II Revolution, Lineage II M will take place on the continent of Aden but will be a more faithful recreation of the original Lineage II. Raid versus Raid will be available in Lineage II M and NCSOFT has said that this is their largest mobile MMORPG to date. NCSOFT plants to launch Lineage II M during the first half of 2019. You can watch the trailer below.

The same can be said for Blade & Soul M as it hopes to be a faithful recreation of the PC experience of the original Blade & Soul, though it will have a "further evolved story, combat system, and graphics" than the PC counterpart. Blade & Soul M is also being developed by Team Bloodlust who were the original development team for Blade & Soul. You can watch the trailer below.

Blade & Soul 2 is the official sequel to the original Blade & Soul, which NCSOFT hopes will bring Blade & Soul into the next era of MMORPGs.  The heroes of the past become legends, and the new adventure that follows them becomes the next adventure of the story. Unknown areas that have not been seen in the PC version are now available to explore. Blade & Souls 2 will once again feature stylish action and a story-driven experience. You can watch a short cinematic trailer below.

In AION 2, the direct follow up to the original, the focus is once again on the fallout over the war between the Elyos and the Asmodian factions that took place 900 years ago. AION 2 will feature three-dimensional battles and include world destructibility, free gliding, and crafting mechanics. A trailer was also shown during the event, which you can watch it below.

As it stands there have been no concrete release dates mentioned for any of these titles shown off by NCSoft, with the exception of Lineage II M which they are hoping to release in the first half of 2019.