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Yakuza 0's PC release gets a late patch to address lingering lighting and FoV issues, also removes Denuvo

In the days leading up to Yakuza Kiwami's PC release, Sega has released a surprise patch for Yakuza 0 's Steam version, which hasn't seen an update since September of last year. While some new fans on the platform were worried that the lack of support would leave a few lingering issues unaddressed, this update bodes well for the series's future on PC.

Perhaps even more interestingly, the patch also seems to remove Denuvo Anti-tamper from the game. The DRM software is also not listed on Kiwami's store page, nor was it implemented on the recently released Catherine Classic, so perhaps this is a sign of Sega moving away from using Denuvo in its PC releases going forward. It'll be interesting to see if Sega removes it from other recent titles like Valkyria Chronicles 4.

The full list of changes are listed below. Some notable highlights are the implementation of an FoV slider, improvements to the game's ultrawide support (which previously ended up cropping the image), and adjustments to lighting and shadow rendering that affected some skin tones in certain pivotal cutscenes.

The patch is currently set as a beta opt-in and should move over as a standard update in the upcoming few days.

You can read our review of Yakuza 0 here: (Consoles, PC).

• Fixed an issue related to shaders and shadow rendering affecting lighting/skin tone (most noticeable during cut scene at the end of chapter 6) 
• Fixed an issue where certain particle effects were not being displayed (most noticeable when using certain weapons like the cannon)
• Improved ultrawide display support
• Added FOV slider in advanced graphics menu
• Added border artwork displayed during areas with locked aspect ratio when played in non-16:9 display modes
• Added Background audio slider in audio menu
• Added UI toggle in settings menu
• Added target monitor output selection option for multi monitor setups in advanced graphics menu
• Added support for QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard layouts
• Fixed an issue where disconnecting a controller during conversation could cause a soft lock
• Fixed an issue where mouse cursor would be confined within application window while in menus
• Fixed an issue which could cause a crash when playing the fishing mini game
• Fixed an issue where the game could crash if the installation folder path includes a dot
• Improved behaviour of camera control when using a mouse to use raw mouse input
• Improved mouse scroll wheel behaviour
• Improved Alt+Tab behaviour

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