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Final Fantasy XIV Trial Period Extended Again

In a not so surprising move, Square-Enix has extended the trial period for Final Fantasy XIV: Online once again. This news comes ahead of the game's two month anniversary, and marks the second time the company has done something like this.

Players of Square's new MMORPG now have through November 19th to purchase a character in order to be eligible for the extra extension period. All currently active and inactive accounts will also receive the extension, so those that were there from day one now have through December 22nd until your first billing cycle begins... that is if Square doesn't decide to give subscribers another break by then.

Two big updates are set to hit servers soon. One will come at the end of this month, and the other will drop sometime in the middle of December. Many complaints will be addressed such as additional guild quests, map upgrades, and the ability to search through marketplaces. It's quite clear that Square-Enix wants everyone to see these updates, in order to convince them not to abandon the service.

Final Fantasy XIV: Online is currently available for PC and will be out for PlayStation 3 in March, 2011.

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