Pathfinder: Kingmaker's second DLC, Varnhold's Lot, releases this Thursday

Announced last year as part of Pathfinder: Kingmaker's three-part Season Pass, Owlcat is holding to their estimated February release window for the second pack, Varnhold's Lot, which releases on February 28. 


Kingmaker's second DLC is designed as a stand-alone campaign of sorts, and will last about the length of a chapter of the base game (Owlcat says this is about 6 to 12 hours). However, one neat little twist is that finishing the DLC campaign will unlock a related event in the main story, which will follow up in a manner depending on the decisions made within the bonus chapter.

Deep SIlver provided a list of features for Varnhold's Lot below, as well as a few screenshots and a new artwork.

Key Features

·        Play a complete and challenging self-contained side story

·        Create a new character and fight for the future of Varnhold while your main campaign's hero establishes their barony in the Shrike Hills

·        Experience the adventure from a companion's point of view

·        Explore a huge new dungeon. What secrets lie in the forbidden depths?

·        Import your achievements into the main campaign! After you finish the DLC, a new event will unlock in the main story: Maegar Varn will invite you to visit the dungeon once again — to witness the consequences of your decisions...

·        Lead your commander to victory in combat and to prosperity in peace

Pathfinder: Kingmaker - Varnhold's Lot Screenshots and Artwork