Sega's Judgment to offer subtitles for French, German, Italian, and Spanish

Sega has announced that Judgment, a courtroom thriller set in the Yakuza series universe, will not only offer the recently announced English dub in addition to Japanese voiceovers, but will also additionally include subtitles for French, German, Italian, and Spanish. A first for a Ryu Ga Gotoku Studios game, these subtitles will be based on the Japanese dialogue track rather than the English dub script.

Sega putting this much effort into Judgment's localization and player options indicates they have high hopes for the game's reception and reach. We are certainly interested to check it out for ourselves; Judgment was one of our most anticipated RPGs for 2019.

Find a trailer showcasing the various language options below.

Be sure to check out last year's announcement post for more information on the game. Judgment is set to release sometime this summer for PlayStation 4.