Judgment gets a new Features Trailer, showcases several gameplay elements in both English and Japanese

Only a day after revealing a June 25 release date for Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio's Judgment, Sega has uploaded a new Features Trailer showcases several gameplay components for the upcoming courtroom thriller set in the Yakuza series universe. In fact, Sega has uploaded the trailer in both English and Japanese, highlighting the commitment that the studio has shown to support a worldwide audience. 

Not only will Judgment feature subtitle tracks for several European languages, but will impressively offer two subtitle tracks, one based on the English voiceover, and the other from the Japanese.

The trailer showcases several gameplay elements such as gathering evidence, going undercover, playing minigames, and of course the expected hand-to-hand brawl. The trailer is also a nice preview to compare the two voiceovers. We have them below:

English Features Trailer

Japanese Features Trailer