Monster Hunter Portable 3rd Opening Cinematic

Monster Hunter has by all accounts become a juggernaut in Japan, and has enjoyed a moderate amount of success here in the West thanks to word-of-mouth and a marketing push by Capcom for titles like Monster Hunter Tri for the Nintendo Wii.

On December 1st, fans in Japan will get their hands on the next iteration into the venerable series, Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, or how it's known internationally, Monster Hunter Freedom 3. Today, Capcom posted the full opening cinematic for the game on their official site that features a crapload of giant monsters, which will surely be the bane of your existence, along with the frolicking felynes, the ever-lovable companions that have been included throughout the series. The video also features a look at Yukomo Village, your starting area for the game.

There has been no word on whether this game will receive on overseas release, but if Capcom intends to make Monster Hunter a worldwide success, you can bet we'll receive word soon on a Western version.