Bless Unleashed Class Trailers

Bandai Namco and Neowiz have released a set of class trailers for free-to-play action MMO RPG Bless Unleashed. A blog post on Xbox Wire details each of the five classes that will be available at launch.

Find the trailers and class descriptions below. Bless Unleashed is set to release this summer for Xbox One. You can find the announcement information here.


The Crusader is our take on the classic medieval knight. If your idea of bringing the pain includes bashing your shield into your enemies face and slashing them to ribbons with your sword while still protecting your friends, you may want to play a Crusader.

When you’re playing a Crusader you can block attacks with your shield to greatly reduce the amount of damage you receive from an attack. However, to avoid any damage, you must dodge attacks and not get hit. Don’t rely too heavily on your shield, make sure you learn to time your attacks and combos to ensure you have time to dodge out of the way of an attack and get back to damaging your enemies as soon as possible to maintain aggro.


This is not your average RPG Priest. Priests in Bless Unleashed are not just heal bots to keep a tank up. No, our Priest’s are bad-ass holy warriors. They can help protect your party, and they have some of the best support abilities in the game. They also possess the ability to righteously beat down pretty much anything that gets in your way.

Maximising your usefulness as a Priest is all about timing. There’s no point to sanctifying the ground around your allies to raise their DPS if you need to abandon that ground and the heal immediately. Learning when, where, and communicating with your team about the use of your support abilities is the real magic.


If you haven’t met a problem that can’t be solved with the proper application of a gigantic two-handed axe, this is the class for you. The wide arcing attacks of the Berserker offer some of the Area of Effect and Control abilities in Bless Unleashed, as well as great DPS.

Positioning is key for the Berserker. Running headlong into combat and attacking without care will only lead to an early grave. Make sure to watch for opponent attacks and move out of the way, ideally into a spot where you can keep your combos going for longer.


If you frequently find yourself wondering where the boom is, you should consider playing a Mage. As a mage, your arcane abilities allow you to deal massive damage to enemies. Whether you make use of raw magic, or elemental fire and ice, every enemy will fall before you with an earth-shattering kaboom.

For maximum kaboom, you can always call down a meteor to kill those annoying enemies. But sometimes, I really enjoy just mowing through enemies with my favorite combo, “X, X, X, Y, B” to weaken my foes with increasingly powerful barrage of raw arcane power before slowing them down with a sheet of ice, and sending in a giant slow moving comet to finish off anything left in my way.


If magic isn’t your thing, but you still prefer ranged combat to being up close and personal, take a look at The Ranger. Your bow and arrow allow you to engage the enemy from afar, riddling them with arrows while they work to get close to you. This doesn’t mean you’re helpless in a close up fight. You still possess the ability to deal damage up close before retreating for another barrage of arrows.

As a Ranger, you want to start off fights with your aimed shot ability, taking a moment to unleash one devastating ranged attack before your enemy begins to close on you. Follow this up with your X combo which takes a step back every couple of shots to give you more time to do maximum damage. If your opponent gets too close, switch to your Y combo for a handy knock back before rolling away and unloading more arrows.