The 3rd Birthday brings Joy to the World

Square Enix's PSP Parasite Eve continuation The 3rd Birthday is to include an original cover version of the classic Christmas song "Joy to the World" when it launches.

In an appropriate announcement to kick off the start of December when the RPG Site HQ is surrounded by several inches of snow, Mitsuto Suzuki, one of the composers, has explained why the song was chosen over on the game's official blog.

He says how they decided to use some public domain music - music that you don't have to pay licensing royalties for - but rather than use a pre-existing recording, Suzuki and the team decided to go with an original cover of the classic Christmas Carol.

Interestingly, the cover was recorded on a cassette recorder - old school. You can give the song a listen on the offical Japanese 3rd Birthday Blog - just hit the Play button!