Square Enix reiterates that Final Fantasy VII Remake will be split to multiple parts

We're several years from its 2015 announcement and clearly much has changed about Final Fantasy VII Remake - but one thing absolutely hasn't changed: it's still a multi-part, episodic release.

Since FF7 Remake went dark, fans have been wondering just how much has changed. Last night's new State of Play trailer for the game revealed a more polished looking FF7 Remake that actually looks a whole lot more like a playable, real video game - but one question fans had was if Square Enix would stick to its guns, especially after mixed fan response to the initial 2015 announcement that the story of FF7 would be split into multiple releases.

Here's our answer, direct from the official Square Enix Japan website, which tells players "we are progressing on [FF7 Remake's] production as partitioned titles". So there you have it - it's still episodic.

Episodic doesn't mean that it will be released in regularly-spaced chunks like a Telltale Game or Life is Strange, however - it means FF7's story will be split across multiple full-price games that'll have the size and scope of full-blown RPG releases. Exactly how many parts it'll be split into or where in FF7 the split will occur remains unclear, though three parts seems a safe bet, and many fans speculate the first part will solely cosist of a heavily expanded version of Midgar. 

Read the full statement from the Square Enix Japan site for yourself below - after watching the new trailer yet again.

The newest trailer for Final Fantasy VII Remake has been published at today's State of Play.

The original version was released on PlayStation in 1997. The magnificently moving story, appealing characters, and movies that used leading-edge technology at the time fascinated a lot of people, and up until now, it has recorded a worldwide total sales of over 11 million copies. (The total is combined from both physical software shipments and digital sales)

And Final Fantasy VII Remake, reborn on the PlayStation 4, is us conducting a full remake as we review many of its content, and we are progressing on its production as partitioned titles. We will give new information in June, so please kindly look forward to it.