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1080p added to the Xbox 360

In a move that's likely to make some Sony execs start worrying, Microsoft today stated at thier pre-TGS conferenece that 1080p support would be added to the Xbox 360, via a software update. This takes some of the hype away from Sony's PS3, which was previously the only next-gen console intended to make use of 1080p (which Sony calls "True HD").

Speaking at the conference, the general manager of Microsot Game Studios, Shane Kim, confirmed that the patch would upscale all content on the Xbox 360 to up to 1080p. He also added that Microsoft had no plans to take advantage of this with gaming content and claimed that many other developers would see no value producing games at this resolution.

All exsisting Xbox 360 games will be upscaleable to 1080p, as will DVDs! This definately takes the impact off Sony's claim of 'true high definition', but will it be enough to sway those firmly set on buying a PS3?

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