Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC launches this Winter

During today's Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World of Tres concert in Los Angeles, Kingdom Hearts boss Tetsuya Nomura took the stage to show a new trailer for the upcoming Kingdom Hearts III: ReMIND DLC. He announced that it is set to launch this Winter.

Spoiler Warning. Kingdom Hearts III spoilers follow below.

We don't have too many details of the DLC so far, but at the moment we know it contains the following content from the Tokyo concert in April:

Title: “Kingdom Hearts III ReMIND”

  • Additional Scenario “ReMIND”
  • Limit Episode + Boss
  • Secret Episode + Boss
  • English VA Option (In Japan, no certainty on a similar Japanese VA option for the West)

While today's trailer was shown exclusively to attendees with recording restricted, nothing stays secret for long. An offscreen recording of the trailer is embedded below (via YouTube user NexusEX), showing playable Aqua and Roxas, and some key scenes between Young Master Xehanort, the Master of Masters, Xigbar, and Luxord.

Update: Square Enix has officially posted tonight's trailer on their YouTube channel. We've updated the embed below.

We'll have to wait for Square Enix's stream on Monday to learn more about the future of Kingdom Hearts.