Tales of Arise Officially Revealed at the Xbox Conference

Gamers may not be shocked that Tales of Arise, the latest entry to the long-running Tales of series, made an appearance at Microsoft's E3 show, given theĀ leak of games on Friday. We got our first look at the new game today! Bandai Namco also confirmed that the game will support English and Japanese voice-overs, with Spanish, Brazilian, and Portuguese subtitles.

You can view the trailer below:

While we didn't see too much gameplay, but it appears that the battle system is taking a more free-form approach. Will battles take place seamlessly on the field? We'll have to wait to learn more.

Since Tales of Arise was at the Microsoft conference, so it's safe to assume that the new title will release on Xbox One. Other consoles are not yet revealed. We will know, however, that Tales of Arise will release next year.


We'll be sure to let you know when more official information for Tales of Arise is revealed!

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