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Shenmue III is now an Epic Games Store and PS4 Exclusive

Many Shenmue fans were hoping to see more of the upcoming Shenmue III, and the PC Gaming Conference did not disappoint! We got an all-new trailer at the event, as well as a bit of shocking news... Shenmue III is now an Epic Games Store exclusive. This may be a problem for Kickstarter backers, who backed the game well before the storefront even existed. It's unclear how the developers are going to accommodate PC backers with the sudden exclusivity.

Check the new trailer out below:

In the trailer, we get a taste of the English dub, as well as some frantic action.

Additionally, at Limited Run's conference, we learned that they will be making a collector's edition of Shenmue III for the game's release. The special edition comes with the game, a sticker sheet, some patches, a lightbox lamp, and a mirror. It's certainly a unique set.


Shenmue III will release on November 19, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and the Epic Games Store.


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