DONTNOD's Twin Mirror Delayed to 2020

You might remember Twin Mirror, DONTNOD's collaboration project with Bandai Namco games. There is some news on the title, though perhaps not all of it is good news.


First and foremost, Twin Mirror is delayed to 2020. DONTNOD has obtained the intellectual rights for Twin Mirror from Bandai Namco, and while they'll still be assisting on publishing the title on consoles, they are no longer a major part of the collaboration.

Instead, DONTNOD has signed an agreement with Epic Games, allowing them to release Twin Mirror on the Epic Games Store for 12 months exclusively. The title can make its way to Steam after a year.

Oskar Guilbert, CEO of DONTNOD, had this to say regarding Twin Mirror:

“In line with our development strategy and thanks to our partnership with Epic Games, DONTNOD now majority holds an additional key asset. We are delighted to partner with Epic Games and present Twin Mirror to the vast gamer community on its Epic Games store. The conditions of this partnership along with the support of Shibuya Productions reinforce the game's potential. This strategic operation demonstrates our ability to leverage new market trends in our favor. The video game industry is currently undergoing major transformation and now offers a major competitive advantage to content creators such as DONTNOD.”

Twin Mirror will release next year on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and the Epic Game Store.