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Project Sakura Wars will be released in Japan on December 12, has action-based gameplay, introduces Shanghai Revue

During the Project Sakura Wars monthly live stream held today in Japan, Sega delivered even more information about the game, including the much-awaited release date announcement: it will be available in Japan on December 12.

The stream also showed the long-teased battle gameplay footage. However, in a drastic departure from past series games, which had more tactics style gameplay, Project Sakura Wars instead has an action-oriented battle system. Toshihiro Nagoshi of the Yakuza series fame also showed up at the stream when they discussed combat, confirming his team's involvement in its development.

Also revealed in this stream are two Chinese characters from the Shanghai Revue. Multiple revues from all over the world are gathering in Tokyo for the international friendly competition games known as the "World Revue War". You can read more details on that right after the Japanese release date trailer which you can watch below.

Project Sakura Wars for PlayStation 4 will be released first in Japan as Shin Sakura Taisen on December 12. A Western localization has also been announced and is coming later in 2020.

Shanghai Revue - Wushenlong

A revue formed after the establishment of WLOF. Based in Shanghai, they perform city defense jobs, and they were also tasked to protect Tokyo until the Imperial Revue had been rebuilt. They were the ones who repelled the demon that appeared in the train station when Seijuro had just arrived in Tokyo.

When working in Tokyo, they stay and work at a Chinese restaurant located in Ginza. The revue leader Shaolong is also known as an able chef whose fried rice is so popular it generates long queues outside the restaurant. During battles, they pilot the Spiricle Fighter Wanglong, which has an offensive exterior that looks like a dragon. The pilots can perform nimble movements to launch martial arts imbued with fire.



Yang Shaolong (voiced by Yuichiro Umehara)
Captain of the Shanghai Revue Wushenlong, 18 years old

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A hot-blooded man who speaks what's on his mind in a straightway. He speaks about anything with a smile and doesn't feel any ill will from sarcasm and insults. During battles, he boasts an extremely high attack power using martial arts. In his daily life, he is known as a remarkable chef called the "Flame Rice User" and serves superb fried rice.



Huang Yui (voiced by Sumire Uesaka)
Member of the Shanghai Revue Wushenlong, 16 years old

A bright, honest, determined and vigorous girl. An acrobat who boasts the best agility within the Shanghai Revue. Despite her cheerful personality, she loves Revues more than anyone else deep inside her heart, so she acts strictly against the spiritless Imperial Revue.

As Sakura Amamiya is the only one who continues to do her best without giving up, Yui does appreciate her albeit still a bit, and she also tries to be friends with her as a senior in the Revues.

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