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That's A Lot of PSOne RPGs for the PSN!

As the title states, the ESRB (or the Entertainment Standards Rating Board for those not "in the know") , there is a buttload of great RPGs coming across the sea to the American PSN.  Here are the full list of games:

- Arc the Lad III
- Legend of Mana
- Threads of Fate
- Vagrant Story
- Xenogears

Why, what do we have here? Why, we have Arc the Lad III, Threads of Fa.... OMFG XENOGEARS YAAAAY! That's about all you need to know.

Some may say this is Square-Enix's way of making up for the shallacking they got on the stock market and to help their bottom line, but I say this is just one more way for Sony to make up for the fact that they haven't really been helping us genre fans out lately with their PS3.

There's no current release dates for any of these, but games that are rated are typically released mere weeks after the fact.

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