Here's some new FF4 Complete Collection screens

We've just returned from our Christmas break fattened and hungover, and we're doing our best to get all of you guys and ourselves caught up on all the game news that landed while we were off celebrating. Square Enix never rests, and so over the Christmas period they released six screenshots for Final Fantasy IV's Complete Collection for PSP, following on from the previously released trailer.

The screenshots show off the game's new improved graphics, while the scenes and battles taking place in them all feel pretty damn familiar. This new remake of Final Fantasy IV includes both a version of the original game and The After Years, initially released on cell phones in Japan eventually landing in the West on WiiWare. It claims to be the complete Final Fantasy IV package.

Check out the screenshots below, and stick with us for more from Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection as it lands. The game is as-yet undated for the West, and lands in Japanese PSPs on March 24th.

Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Screenshots