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Lionhead still quiet on PC version of Fable III

First Lionhead and Microsoft confirmed that Fable would return to the PC with Fable III, and then they announced that the PC version had been delayed. The Xbox 360 version arrived without incident - but the PC version hasn't been mentioned officially since, stuck in a bit of a development limbo. Today, Lionhead has commented on the status of the PC version officially for the first time via their Twitter Account, as noticed by the guys over at VG247.

"It's painful to admit we can't yet answer any questions on the PC version of Fable III..." Lionhead tweeted out in response to user questions. "Hopefully soon we can spill the beans!"

This isn't ideal, but PC gamers should take some solace in the fact that Lionhead have admitted that the PC version still exists at all - that means a release is still probably on the cards. Probably. Fingers crossed. Stick with us for the latest, as always.

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