First Dragon Age II DLC Revealed: The Exiled Prince

EA Germany have revealed the first Downloadable Content for Dragon Age II, titled "The Exiled Prince", today. The DLC focuses on a character who appears to be out for revenge. If we had to guess, he's probably a prince, and will probably end up exiled by the end of it. We're kinda good at predicting the future like that.

The interesting thing about this DLC pack is that it comes free with the "Signature Edition" of Dragon Age II, which can be had by preordering the game before 11th January. Any orders placed after that date will just get the standard edition of the game, meaning they don't get this content.

If that's you, and you buy Dragon Age II at a later date, you'll have to pay out 560 Microsoft Points - 7 of your real US Dollars in order to see the story of the Exiled Prince and bring him into your party. We'll bring you a full review of Dragon Age II around launch, so stick with us! Remember you can Follow us on Twitter or use our RSS for the latest RPG-specific news, too.

Check out the trailer below - and apologies in advance for the German subtitles - that's how EA released it!