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The Last Story Trailer 4

Nintendo Japan and Mistwalker have just released a new trailer for their upcoming Wii RPG The Last Story, bringing the total number of Japanese trailers released up to four.

The Last Story is the latest RPG effort from Mistwalker, the new company founded by Hironobu Sakaguchi, the man who created the Final Fantasy series and oversaw production on much of the golden age of the series, including the SNES and PS1 Final Fantasy titles. After two Xbox 360 exclusives in Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon and a few DS-based titles, Sakaguchi and Mistwalker are trying their hands at Wii development.

The game's due to arrive in Japan on January 27th, while a Western localization is yet to be confirmed. You can see some of the results of Mistwalker's hard work in the trailer below, which shows off Battles, Environments, Character Customization, Cutscenes and more. You can also find Trailers 1-3 through this link and all the screenshots, artwork and videos of The Last Story over in the Media Vault!

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