Kingdom Under Fire II introduces the Gunslinger class

Gameforge has released the second character spotlight for Kingdom Under Fire II, introducing the Gunslinger class. This is one of five classes found in this action RPG/RTS hybrid, alongside Spellsword, Berserker, Elementalist, & Ranger.

Find an opening movie, gameplay spotlight, and screenshot set below. 

Kingdom Under Fire II is set to release in November for PC. You can find the Gamescom trailer, information, and screenshots here, and a recent cinematic trailer here.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gunslinger Opening

Kingdom Under Fire 2 - Character Spotlight: Gunslinger

Up close or from a distance, the Gunslinger is locked, loaded, and ready to rain death down upon all who oppose him! 

The Gunslinger prefers to fight at the forefront and immediately lock horns with the enemy, usually being among the first to break their lines. A versatile human combatant, the Gunslinger effortlessly switches between a sword and two pistols, utilizing an array of combos to attack both individual targets and unleash area of effect attacks. But he always has to keep his ammunition in check, a resource which can be replenished by stringing together sword combos. 

Mistrusted for the simple crime of hailing from Brimstone, a village of refugees … deliberately ordered on a suicidal mission during which his troops were overwhelmed and his men slaughtered … his request for leniency fell on deaf ears and he was expelled from the army. Seeking to avenge the deaths of his men, and save his own skin, the Gunslinger found refuge in Azilia. In this place of opportunity, he became a mercenary and joined the Azilia Knights.

Kingdom Under Fire 2 Gunslinger Screenshots