The Protagonist: EX-1 is an indie XCOM-like heading to Steam in 2020

Publisher All in! Games and developer 3Mind Games have formally announced The Protagonist: EX-1, an XCOM-like strategy RPG heading to Steam in 2020. 

In The Protagonist, players take on the role of an elite special agent sent to protect the world from a looming alien threat.

Find a trailer, overview, and screenshot set below.

War looms between the Terrans and an invading synthetic race. A massive station appears high in orbit and the first contact between them goes very wrong.

An elite strike team led by Angel, a highly trained special agent, is sent to neutralize the threat. But the mission goes awry and Angel awakens in the infirmary of the station's lab. With no memory of what happened, she must trust an unfamiliar face to guide her through the alien ship and find the rest of her team. She only knows this: they are the only hope of Terra.

Key features:

  • Martial Arts Combat System - customize your character’s close-combat abilities.
  • Dynamic Dialogue System – make decisions and face consequences.
  • Initiative and Action Points System – fully control the actions of your character on their turn.
  • Deep content – enjoy 7+ playable characters, 10+ types of enemies, 19+ weapon types and much more in an isometric top-down view and hyper-realistic graphics. 
The Protagonist: EX-1 Screenshots