Neptunia series Action RPG VVVtunia Announced for PlayStation 4

Following a teaser video earlier in the week, Compile Heart has announced VVVtunia, the next entry in the Hyperdimension Neptunia series of JRPGs, set to release in 2020 for PlayStation 4 in Japan. VVVTunia is an action RPG that is working as the series' commemorative 10th-anniversary title, as well as the 25th-anniversary title for Idea Factory. The official website is here

Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation magazine each featured the newly announced game in this week's issues, and you can find our translation of the game details below.


VVVtunia takes place on Planet EMO, a planet in a digital universe known as Virtualand which is on the verge being destroyed by monsters called Anti. The world summons the Four Goddesses of Gamindustri as well as Virtual Idols from the Network World, tasking all to save this world from extinction.


Several countries reside on Planet EMO in danger of getting destroyed by Anti monsters. One of these is known as Cookunia, a country where the buildings look like cakes and sweets. Another is Novelia, a country that handles everything related to books: collection, sales, and rentals.

These 6 V-Idols (Virtual Idols) will eventually become saviors of Planet EMO together with the Four Goddesses. Two of them are introduced as Mii and Yuu, who belong in the Mewtral unit.


In this game's combat system, the four Gamindustri Goddesses and six V-Idols will have different attack methods. The Goddesses can use gun weaponry to attack from long range, heavily damaging Anti monsters from a distance. However, Goddesses will have a strong disadvantage if surrounded by enemies so their positioning will be important. The V-Idols can perform close-range combo attacks, so they can deal with numerous Anti monsters even if surrounded.

Another system in the game is known as Beat Tik, where the player can have Neptune and other characters dance while being accompanied by a song. The characters' costumes can be further customized with accessories obtained in the game.


Interestingly, VVVtunia also exhibits a unique system that can read videos to generate items and accessories. The screen shown is reminiscent of a certain video uploading website, but more details will be divulged at a later date. Compile Heart is currently applying for a patent of this feature in Japan.

Teaser Video